Rust Removal

Remove rust from the exterior of your property

Minnesota is known for its notoriously hard water typically made up of either calcium, magnesium, or a combination of the two. These minerals are percolated from aquifers that are comprised of rock such as gypsum, dolomite, and calcite. The water leaves behind unsightly residues on any surface that it is allowed to dry on. As window cleaners, we see this most frequently on exterior glass that comes in contact with irrigation systems.

Even more unsightly than the mineral residue listed above, is that of Iron, more commonly knows as rust. Residents in cities surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul, such as Maple Grove, Elk River, Zimmerman, Rogers, Minnetonka, and Plymouth know that Iron is considered an “aesthetic” contaminant. This means that it poses no health concerns, but negatively affects curb-appeal on a property.

The recommended limit for Iron in water of 0.3ppm, When the level of Iron in water exceeds the 0.3ppm limit, you get various colors of staining (red, brown, or yellow ) on Siding, Windows, Sidewalks, Garage Doors, Fences, Mail Boxes and other outdoor surfaces.

Up until now, you have had little to no choice on how to get rid of the ugly stains. Your choices were, to buy over the counter products at your local hardware store which yield poor results and often give you a large headache from the fumes, or you could ignore the stains and pretend that they weren't there.

Ignore No More. United Home Services has been removing rust stains for home owners and business owners for many years utilizing proprietary, but Eco-friendly solvents that separates the bond of Rust from the affected Surface.

Call us today at (612) 730-3920 for a custom quote, and to restore your curb appeal!

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